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Contents of The Loyalty Guide 6

The Loyalty Guide 6 contains over 1200 pages packed with new information, set out in logically structured chapters, and provided electronically (in PDF format).

Report updated on January 5th, 2015
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Chapter list (see below for full contents)
1   · Executive summary
2   · Loyalty Strategies
3   · Loyalty Rewards
4   · Customer Engagement
5   · Knowing The Customer
6   · SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)
7   · Best Customer Marketing
8   · Customer Communications
9   · The Power of Customer Data
10 · Loyalty Operations & Tools
11 · Proving & Analysing Loyalty
12 · Customer Lifetime Value (CLV/CLTV)
13 · The Marketing Strategy
14 · Brand Loyalty & Marketing
15 · Loyalty & Marketing Best Practice
16 · New Trends & Future Forecasts
17 · Sizing The Market For Loyalty
18 · What The Loyalty Experts Say
19 · Supermarket/Grocery Loyalty
20 · Retail & E-Retail Loyalty
21 · Airline Loyalty
22 · Hotel & Tourism Loyalty
23 · Financial Services Loyalty
24 · B2B Loyalty Marketing
25 · Loyalty In Other Sectors
26 · Global Loyalty Directory

1Executive Summary
2Loyalty Strategies
2.2The business case for customer loyalty
2.2.1Key benefits of a good loyalty strategy
2.2.2Adapting to an increasingly fast-paced market
2.2.3Loyalty programmes drive advocacy
2.2.4Consumers will spend more for valued rewards
2.2.5Retail choices are swayed by loyalty schemes
2.2.6Loyalty scheme members simply respond better
2.2.7Loyalty is the key to the young and wealthy
2.2.814% of Britain's spending is linked to loyalty schemes
2.2.9Benefits of Business-to-Business (B2B) loyalty
2.3The justification for a loyalty initiative
2.3.1The growing point of customer loyalty
2.3.2Most Americans belong to 5 loyalty schemes
2.3.3Successful loyalty schemes influence spending
2.3.4How loyalty schemes can unlock real value
2.3.5Loyalty schemes driving customer connections
2.3.6SMEs are keen to get on the loyalty bandwagon
2.3.7Loyalty cards working well in hard times
2.4What makes a loyalty scheme successful?
2.4.1Core offering
2.4.3Elasticity level
2.4.4The marketplace
2.4.6Share of wallet
2.4.7Other factors affecting loyalty
2.5Beyond the financial ROI of loyalty
2.6Customer loyalty strategies that work
2.6.1Strategies for the four key types of loyalty
2.6.2Building loyalty with a real value exchange
2.6.3When driving customer loyalty, less is more
2.6.4Customer connections key to keeping loyalty
2.6.5Emotion is at the heart of building loyalty
2.6.6Loyalty with a cause is the next big reward strategy
2.7Strategic loyalty insights
2.7.1Brands aren't capitalising on customer loyalty
2.7.2How could a loyalty initiative be ineffective?
2.7.3On what grounds should loyalty's value be questioned?
2.7.4Loyalty beats price for most online shoppers
2.7.5Why would loyalty fail to resonate with customers?
2.7.6Australian consumers love loyalty programmes
2.7.7Most marketers believe loyalty cards are most rewarding
2.7.8Loyalty card participation driven by money-saving
2.8Multi-Partner Loyalty Programmes
2.9The Coalition Loyalty Model
2.9.1Why a coalition programme?
2.9.2Essentials market penetration to deliver attractive rewards to be the first reliable communication channels
2.9.3Advantages of coalitions
2.9.4Challenges of a coalition programme about the grocer? owns the data? to programme or partner? to pilot
2.9.5Typical application areas
2.9.6Expanding a single programme into a coalition it to the next level of expanding the programme
2.10Coalition programme case studies
2.10.1Case study: Air Miles (worldwide)
2.10.2Case study: Avios, UK (previously Air Miles)
2.10.3Case study: Avios, South Africa
2.10.4Case study: Air Miles, Canada
2.10.5Case study: Air Miles, Spain
2.10.6Case study: Air Miles, Netherlands
2.10.7Case study: Aimia Inc. (worldwide)
2.10.8Case study: Aeroplan, Canada
2.10.9Case study: Air Miles, Middle East
2.10.10Case study: Nectar, UK's database and IT systems in Nectar's development Business to the company structure Moorhead interview's online portal: Nectar eStores rewards and redemptions at-a-glance earning opportunities for consumers redemption options for consumers earning opportunities for businesses redemption options for businesses's special interest clubs membership and redemption figures
2.10.11Case study: Nectar Italia
2.10.12Case study: Baltic Miles (The Baltic)
2.10.13Case study: BonusLink (Malaysia)
2.10.14Case study: eBucks (South Africa)
2.10.15Case study: FlyBuys (Australia)
2.10.16Case study: Fly Buys (New Zealand)
2.10.17Case study: iPoints/Maximiles (UK/Europe)
2.10.18Case study: Malina (Russia)
2.10.19Case study: PayBack (Germany/Poland/India)
2.10.20Case study: PayBack India (previously i-Mint)
2.10.21Case study: (loyalty aggregator)
3Loyalty Rewards
3.2The value of rewards
3.3The function of the reward
3.4The properties of a loyalty reward
3.5Getting value from the reward
3.5.1Lowering the loyalty budget without risking loyalty
3.5.2The level of the reward
3.5.3Leveraging the reward
3.6Types of reward
3.6.1Discounts discounts discounts programme insights adverts have become brand killers brand discounts have paid off
3.6.2Points-driven programmes
3.6.3Soft rewards
3.7Timing of rewards: instant or later?
3.8What rewards do consumers really want?
3.8.1What consumers think they want
3.8.2What consumers actually want
3.8.3Consumers now seek security before rewards
3.8.4Consumers want 'redemption with cash' options
3.8.5Rebates drive retail responses
3.8.6Rebates increasingly popular with US consumers
3.9Redemption strategies
3.9.1External redemption
3.9.2Internal redemption
3.9.3Networked rewards
3.10How to plan a rewards catalogue
3.10.1Strategy to drive redemptions and engagement
3.10.2Major factors for 'high attraction' rewards
3.10.3Matching the rewards with various point levels
3.11Loyalty reward insights
3.11.1Brands need to bridge the 'loyalty chasm'
3.11.2Luxury loyalty perks just can't beat value
3.11.3Loyalty rewards: what works and what doesn't
3.11.4Not all loyalty currencies are equal
3.11.5Loyalty programmes help stretch consumers' budgets
4Customer Engagement
4.2How to tackle Customer Engagement
4.2.1Customer engagement is the key to brand survival
4.2.2Loyalty to brands hangs on emotional engagement
4.2.3Relevance is a prerequisite for customer engagement
4.2.4How the web increases customer engagement
4.2.5How email marketing increases customer engagement
4.2.6How loyalty rewards increase customer engagement
4.2.7How social media increases customer engagement role of social media in customer engagement the right social mix for engagement Facebook to build brand engagement engagement works for credit cards may still be wary of social engagement
4.2.8Supermarkets win the battle for retail engagement
4.2.9How to re-engage customers before they defect
4.3What drives engagement?
4.3.1Emotional engagement drives purchase decisions
4.3.2Consumers want simplicity, not engagement
4.3.3Sweepstake boosts engagement 1,900%
4.3.4Gamification boosts loyalty scheme engagement
4.3.5Gamification delivers 55% more engagement
4.3.6Simple apologies missing from loyalty schemes
5Knowing The Customer
5.2Gathering Customer Insights
5.2.1Consumers simply aren't Feeling The Love
5.2.2Why marketers need granular customer insight
5.3Customer Experience Strategy
5.3.1Make the Customer Experience up-close and personal
5.3.2What are the key Customer Experience core competencies?
5.3.3Go beyond the 3 C's of Customer Experience
5.3.4Tips for improving retail customer experiences
5.3.5Content management help drive the Customer Experience
5.3.6The future of Customer Experience Management
5.3.7Modest customer experience gains yield huge rewards
5.3.8Good Customer Experiences are better than good prices
5.3.9Good customer experiences can't be left to luck
5.3.10How can you quantify the effect of customer experiences?
5.4Improving the Customer Experience
5.4.1Less 'customer effort' means less churn
5.4.2The future of Experience Retailing
5.4.3Survey pinpoints customer experience gap
5.4.4Customer Experience metrics need more development
5.4.5Service with a smile brings in 40% more sales
5.4.6Shoppers say they'll stand in line for only 6 minutes
5.5Dangers of a weak loyalty strategy
5.5.1A weak loyalty scheme won't win any hearts or minds
5.5.2Is it poor customer service, or is loyalty itself dying?
5.6What customers say they want
5.6.1Are loyal customers getting what they really want?
5.6.2Shoppers say they prefer miles to other rewards
5.6.3Consumers want customised offers for their data
5.6.4Even price-aware shoppers also want good experiences
5.6.5Online security can be more important than loyalty
5.6.6Trust and money-saving are essential for loyalty
5.7What customers really think
5.7.1Good retail experiences can beat the e-retail giants
5.7.2Consumers will pay 5% more for a better experience
5.7.3Which data are consumers are happy to reveal?
5.7.4When things go wrong, who will customers forgive?
5.7.5Consumers say a card makes them feel more loyal
5.7.6Why people join loyalty schemes, or not
5.8How customers actually behave
5.8.1Consumers choose brands like they choose people
5.8.2Women make more loyal consumers than men
5.8.3Most consumers save on groceries with a loyalty card
5.8.4UK consumers shift their loyal feelings
5.8.5Great customer experiences produce a physical reaction
5.8.6Consumers are becoming habitual bargain hunters
5.8.7Americans love to take part in loyalty schemes
5.9Dealing with different generations
5.9.1Marketing conundrum Millennials vs Boomers
5.9.2What really drives the Millennial consumer?
5.9.3How the Millennials are redefining customer loyalty
5.9.4Getting Millennials to open their wallets and purses
5.9.5Where do Generation Y's loyalties really lie?
5.9.6Where do Generation Z's loyalties really lie?
5.9.7Four ways to reach the lucrative over-50 demographic
5.9.8Personalisation is vital to next-generation retail shoppers
5.9.9How to use loyalty rewards to motivate mothers
5.10CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
5.10.1It's time for CRM and loyalty to converge
5.10.2Back to basics: Building a sound CRM strategy
5.10.3Ten steps to gain a single view of your customers
5.10.4Which is your CRM system: Big Data or Little Data?
5.10.5Should CRM be placed into 'the cloud' or not?
5.10.6Cloud CRM is taking off at last
5.10.7CRM becomes a key tool for company productivity
5.10.8Why have 60% of CRM initiatives apparently failed?
5.10.9How to avoid CRM failure due to poor data quality
5.10.10Mobile CRM is essential for a full customer view
5.11Defections & Win-back Campaigns
5.11.1What drives online customer defection?
5.11.2How to spot at-risk customers before they defect
5.11.3How to spot customers who have already defected
5.11.4Reducing 'customer effort' leads to less churn
5.11.5Consumers defect for a more personalised service
5.11.635% of consumers defect at least once a year
6SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)
6.1.1Social marketing is more than a fan page
6.1.2The push & pull of social media marketing
6.1.3Viral social marketing
6.1.4Do brands really lose control?
6.1.5Types of social media
6.1.6The impact of social media on customer loyalty
6.2Benefits of social loyalty marketing
6.2.1Social media supports customer loyalty strategy
6.2.2A need for more social customer experiences
6.2.3Social media reshapes customer engagement
6.2.4Social network profiles help explain brand choices
6.2.5Social media could be the 'New CRM'
6.2.6Customers trust social reviews more than brand messaging
6.3The dangers of not have a Social Strategy
6.3.1Most marketers still lack a comprehensive social strategy
6.3.2Marketers still overlooking the power of Twitter
6.3.3Companies are still anti-social, despite social's popularity
6.4'So' - The Social Strategy
6.4.1Social media's role in the Customer Experience social media service as a competitive differentiator turning to social media for service slow to embrace social customer service danger of ignoring social media complaints customer engagement through social media brands benefit from social media interactions
6.4.2How the consumer views social marketing the consumer into social brand engagement reviews are more trusted than brand advertising hostile to social brand messaging divided on personalised social advertising not happy about Facebook marketing Facebook users would pay to avoid adverts
6.4.3Social loyalty insights loyalty schemes are going Social and Mobile loyalty does not have to be a 'points game' incentive reward schemes deconstructed media alters customers' reward expectations
6.4.4Social loyalty developments Network's rewards for Facebook advocates earns its keep with sponsored updates social marketing ever replace advertising? your social media customer base
6.4.5The development of social media marketing a slow and cautious approach to social media comprehensive social strategy is essential risks of ignoring a social marketing opportunity risks of ignoring Twitter's influence a clear social/mobile channel strategy marketing can be dangerous, if you get it wrong is a Facebook Fan really worth?
6.4.6Social media marketing insights marketing technologies cause 'digital darwinism' the power of email & social channels social marketing can work for retail brands for FMCG social media coupon campaigns
6.4.7The measurement of social marketing UK businesses measure social media ROI the impact of social media marketing social data affects the CMO's decisions categories does social media drive best? confirms social media sales link
6.4.8Gamification's role in social customer loyalty Gamification: let the fun begin! insinuates brands into consumers' lives
6.5'Lo' - The Geo-Location Strategy
6.5.1Location-based loyalty marketing location marketing: a new loyalty technique location-based marketing ties into loyalty app makes loyalty cards location-aware future of location-based marketing
6.5.2The 'Glocalisation Effect' apps that target customers near your stores apps choose the most rewarding credit cards 'glocal' may be the key to business growth brand leadership begins at home strategies for marketers getting lost in translation
6.6'Mo' - The Mobile Strategy
6.6.1Mobile loyalty marketing strategy loyalty is the new competitive battleground marketing is now essential to customer loyalty mobile channel builds loyalty rather than sales adverts work better with a reward analytics drive greater mobile retail loyalty mobile experiences impact traveller loyalty
6.6.2Mobile marketing strategy to mobile marketing basics to avoid the top five mobile marketing traps experiences drive mobile engagement to improve your Mobile Customer Experience to optimise your Mobile Customer Experience digital marketing takes a whole new psychology't lose track of mobile user behaviour devices: the new retail marketing frontier
6.6.3How consumers view mobile marketing do consumers really think about mobile marketing? are more accepting of the mobile channel marketing is down as tablet usage increases group buying is a growing trend
6.6.4Mobile marketing insights ways mobile is changing the consumer's life consumer behaviour is dictating strategy't leave mobile customers out in the cold impact of smartphones on in-store sales promotions can outweigh brand loyalty marketing must go beyond the mobile payments are the tip of a huge iceberg
7Best Customer Marketing
7.2Long term or short term?
7.3The case for Best customer marketing
7.3.1Rediscovering and reinventing an old concept
7.3.2The introduction of loyalty programmes
7.3.3How many customers are really profitable?
7.3.4Customer-focused marketing: the long term view
7.4The properties of Best Customers
7.4.1What are Best Customers?
7.4.2What makes a Best Customer?
7.5Customer segmentation
7.5.1What segmentation involves
7.5.2Methods of segmentation or quintiles
7.6A more direct approach to BCM
7.6.2The retail marketer's best kept secret?
8Customer Communications
8.2Being heard when you speak
8.2.1Personalisation & Relevance your marketing ever-more personal are loyal if you treat them personally
8.2.2Customer Centricity is the key to customer-centric marketing you pass the customer-centricity test? few large companies are actually customer centric marketing has been lost in a digital world this is the best time to be a CMO
8.2.3Customer Trust and Intimacy intimacy is part of the 'loyalty leap' and banks are closest to their customers customers want to hear from you
8.3When the customer speaks
8.3.1Voice of the Customer (VoC) majority of VoC initiatives succeed evolution of VoC programmes
8.3.2Word of Mouth (WOM) schemes likely to breed 'WOM champions''s impact on customer loyalty to get your customers talking about you of mouth is better trusted than brands' adverts
8.3.3Social media
8.4Communication channels
8.4.1Email communication opt-in and opt-out: The practical guide to drive customer loyalty by email attention to email readability is critical for successful email marketing marketing is profitable but only if optimised untested email is just a marketing guess segmentation and testing increases your ROI to win back unresponsive email contacts restaurant that got 300% ROI from email marketing
8.4.2Mobile communication communication strategy basics of mobile marketing communication practices for mobile marketing mobile marketing spells trouble
8.4.3Web and multi-channel marketing marketing channel best motivates consumer action? optimisation has become essential and rules are reshaping the consumer dialogue problem of Big Data for multi-channel marketing lack of strategy hinders cross-channel marketing are even smarter thanks to information overload
8.4.4Direct mail mail isn't dead it's just reinventing itself direct mail in tandem with digital marketing more on the timing of direct mail response is critical to direct marketing
8.4.5The contact centre contact centres may be essential for loyalty contact centres drive customer satisfaction
9The Power of Customer Data
9.2The benefits of customer data
9.2.1Extract the value from your customer data
9.2.2Customer data is more than a marketing tool
9.2.3How customer data turns into customer loyalty data is the driver of positive change data builds lasting relationships
9.2.4The benefits of a customer loyalty database behaviour profiling lifestyle & demographic profiling product preferences and repertoire category relationships & cross-selling shopping suggestions
9.2.5Segmentation and the customer base by various attributes lifetime value (CLV), Frequency, Monetary value (RFM) tiering base analysis and prediction flow analysis estimation share estimation
9.2.6The benefits of digital database marketing
9.2.7Databases finally outsmart 'Mom and Pop' stores
9.2.8Data quality is a prerequisite for engaging customers
9.3Is there any doubt about customer data?
9.3.1Customer data still not seen as a strategic asset
9.3.2UK marketers waste a small fortune every year
9.3.3Retailers are failing to benefit from their customer data
9.3.4Retailers are failing to benefit from web and email data
9.3.5Marketers are failing to capitalise on behavioural data
9.4Big Data versus Little Data
9.4.1How 'big data' investments are paying off
9.4.2Where database marketing meets digital analytics
9.4.3Big data shifts marketing's emphasis to the consumer
9.4.4Big Data can be used to drive greater customer value
9.4.5CMOs are paying attention to Big Data
9.4.6How to interpret and translate Big Data's meaning
9.4.7Is Little Data any better than Big Brother?
9.4.8Big Data can deliver even better customer service
9.4.9Big Data analytics will lead to stronger strategies
9.4.10Big Data helps retailers increase customer relevance
9.4.11Big Data shows real potential, but tempered with caution
9.4.12Big Data found to give marketers a competitive edge
9.4.13Loyalty, Social Media, Big Data & the Future
9.5The customer data/value exchange
9.5.1True personalisation demands a marketing evolution
9.5.2Consumers will share their data, at a price
9.5.3Marketers must abide by the 'unwritten data contract'
9.5.4Data misuse is damaging brand reputations
9.6Planning the loyalty database
9.6.1Database planning
9.6.2Data processing and data flow
9.6.3Data warehouses
9.6.4Data marts
9.7Customer data collection
9.7.1What data can or should be gathered?
9.7.2How much data, and where to collect it application form web site sources devices party sources shoppers & feedback systems EPOS terminal services centres
9.7.3How long does data last?
9.7.4Data duplication, accuracy, and cleansing
9.7.5Data security and privacy
9.7.6Data ethics policies
10Loyalty Operations & Tools
10.2How a loyalty programme works
10.2.1Keep your customers
10.2.2Get new customers
10.2.3Move customers up-segment
10.2.4Deselect unprofitable customers
10.2.5Recover defected customers
10.2.6Increase Customer Lifetime Value
10.2.7Best customer marketing
10.2.8Build relationships
10.2.9Create advocates
10.2.10Adjust pricing levels
10.2.11Respond to competitive challenges
10.2.12Select stock lines effectively
10.2.13Plan merchandising optimally
10.2.14Reduce promotional and advertising costs
10.2.15Select new trading sites
10.3Secrets of a successful loyalty initiative
10.3.1Loyalty programmes are not a 'quick fix'
10.3.2Accurate targeting
10.3.3Gain consumer buy-in
10.3.4Know your customers
10.3.5Don't reward the wrong behaviour
10.3.6Reward or recognise?
10.3.7Spotting defection patterns
10.3.8Customer lifecycles
10.3.9Rewards must be seen to be attainable and affordable
10.3.10Cost of programme must be recoverable
10.3.11Good communications
10.3.12Keep it simple
10.3.13Results must be measurable
10.3.14It should attract new customers
10.3.15It should provide unique, hard-to-copy benefits
10.3.16Empower the team
10.3.17It should make life easy
10.4The role of innovation in customer loyalty
10.4.1Maximising the impact of loyalty innovation
10.4.2It's high time for marketers to innovate
10.5The structure of loyalty marketing
10.5.1Best customer marketing
10.5.2Access Pricing
10.5.3Multi-partner programmes
10.5.4Turnkey programmes
10.5.5Bespoke programmes
10.5.6CRM and One-to-One
10.5.7Credit and debit card-based programmes
10.5.8Stored value, prepaid and gift cards
10.5.9Stealth programmes
10.5.10Real-time targeting
10.5.11Personal Relevance marketing (PRM)
10.6The loyalty token
10.6.1How to choose the right loyalty token
10.6.2Questions for choosing a loyalty token
10.6.3Examples of different loyalty tokens at work
10.6.4Current options for loyalty tokens'No token' programmes programmes cards (chip cards) phone-based loyalty
10.7Loyalty with prepaid/gift cards
10.7.1Building loyalty with prepaid/gift cards
10.7.2How to set up a prepaid/gift card programme
10.7.3Prepaid gift cards are a popular reward
10.7.4Why prepaid cards make good incentives and rewards
10.7.5Loyalty and prepaid cards belong together
10.8Developments in loyalty operations
10.8.1Examples of loyalty innovation platform that puts CPG brands in touch with consumers photographs receipts to reward loyalty use Vipster for own-brand mobile loyalty cards mobile app speeds up value loading platform hyper-personalises communications
10.8.2Point of Sale (POS) reward redemptions want to redeem loyalty points at the POS rewards scheme gains ground in Brazil Data pilots streamlined POS loyalty redemptions debuts POS loyalty solution for retailers
11Proving & Analysing Loyalty
11.1Introduction to loyalty metrics
11.1.1How to measure customer loyalty
11.1.2The importance of customer-centric metrics
11.1.3Loyalty metrics & accountability: taking a wider view
11.2Measuring loyalty - the metrics
11.2.1Patronage ratio
11.2.2Switching ratio
11.2.3Budget ratio (share of wallet)
11.2.4Enis-Paul Index
11.2.5Retention rate & churn
11.2.6Customer Lifetime & Value
11.2.7Net Promoter Score (NPS)
11.2.8Attitudinal equity: a powerful brand loyalty metric
11.3Segmentation techniques
11.3.1Traditional: 125 cells
11.3.2Reduced: 27 cells
11.3.3Flexible: 8 cells
11.4Practical statistics
11.4.1The mean
11.4.2The median
11.4.3The mode
11.4.5Standard deviation
11.5Loyalty and profitability in both theory and practice
11.5.1Alternatives to an investment in customer loyalty
11.5.2Loyalty and profitability: a hypothesis
11.5.3Are generally accepted hypotheses always reliable?
11.5.4Examples of different loyalty and profitability models
11.5.5Segmentation (defining loyal and profitable customers)
11.5.6The loyalty & profitability chain
11.5.7Customer retention, customer attrition & customer lifetime
11.6Drivers of loyalty & profitability, and correlations
11.6.1Drivers of loyalty and profitability
11.6.2Examples of correlations
11.6.3Real loyalty, customer lifetime, and profitability
11.7Net Promoter Score (NPS)
11.7.1How the Net Promoter Score works
11.7.2Four key elements of the Net Promoter discipline
11.7.3NPS versus customer loyalty: the big debate
11.7.4Predictive NPS could help eliminate surveys
11.7.5Could the WOM Index be the new NPS?
11.7.6Could NPS be over-estimating brand detractors?
11.8Marketing metrics and accountability
11.8.1Competitors are a critical metric for customer loyalty
11.8.2Digital metrics and analytics methods are needed for digital analytics Analytics need a complete re-think practical solution to the Digital Metrics problem future of digital metrics and personalisation analytics has evolved into digital analytics
11.8.3The problem of loyalty liability liability and costs are the biggest challenges loyalty operators face 220m breakage
11.9Management reports and tools
11.9.1The Bathtub report
11.9.2The Decile report (RFM/RFS)
11.9.3The Quo Vadis Retention report
11.9.4The New Member Frequency Report
11.9.5The Cardholders' Summary Report
12Customer Lifetime Value (CLV/CLTV)
12.1.1CLV is vital for strong customer relationships
12.1.2Calculating the cost of keeping the customer
12.1.3Four ways of improving customer profitability
12.2How to calculate customer profitability
12.2.1Individual customers and customer groups
12.2.2Potential, existing, and defected customers
12.2.3Past, actual, and future profitability
12.2.4The RFM method
12.2.5The CLV method
12.3Calculation of CLV
12.3.1The history of CLV
12.3.2Definition of CLV
12.3.3The formula for CLV
12.3.4General concept of CLV
12.3.5Understanding the concept of CLV
12.3.6Examples of calculation of CLV
12.3.7First CLV and Second CLV
12.3.8CLV on a combination of customer loyalty and satisfaction
12.3.9The Historic CLV method
12.3.10Predictive CLV method
12.3.11CLV as basis of strategy decisions
12.3.12Market strategy and CLV
12.3.13Case: Danish insurance company
12.4CLV models and CLV systems (marketing ROI models)
12.4.1The Simple CLV Model
12.4.2The Black Box CLV Model
12.4.3The Standardised/Market CLV Model
12.4.4CLV Simulator Input
12.4.5CLV Simulator Output
12.5How to get started with CLV
12.5.1Can any organisation use CLV?
12.5.2The objectives of calculating CLV
12.5.3Ten steps for CLV-based decision making
13The Marketing Strategy
13.2Digital marketing
13.2.1Bad web sites are killing the customer relationship
13.2.2Digital marketing should not be a 'digital inquisition'
13.2.3Don't dismiss your offline channels
13.2.4More digital content means we need smarter tools
13.2.5Consumers need education about e-shopping security
13.2.6More companies are embracing content marketing
13.2.7Digital marketing at risk of 'offer anarchy'
13.2.8Focus on integration and content
13.2.9There's more ground for digital marketing to cover
13.2.101% of online customers provide 40% of online sales
13.3Retail marketing strategy
13.3.1What drives shoppers' purchase decisions?
13.3.2Retailers lagging at click-and-collect services
13.3.3Multi-channel retail strategy cross-channel experiences are essential to optimize your multi-channel strategy study: House of Fraser (UK) customers are not getting what they want sales channels must be used, despite risks must also include customer service do like to help themselves
13.4Pricing strategies
13.4.1Hi-Lo pricing
13.4.2Everyday low prices (EDLP) EDLP really effective as a loyalty strategy? customers can be loyal
13.4.3Profit-up-front pricing (PUF)
13.4.4Access Pricing Access Pricing works, intense interaction price gap perception regular customers rewards future of Access Pricing Access Pricing continue to work? sectors could use Access Pricing?
13.5.1Digital coupon users spend 49% more than average
13.5.2Coupon users feel they are just opportunists
13.5.3Couponing alone is not enough to build loyalty
13.5.4Consumers are saving billions with coupons
13.6Marketing automation
13.6.1The true benefits of marketing automation
13.6.2Marketing automation also works in the B2C market
13.7Promotional marketing
13.7.1Marketers step up promotional merchandise usage
13.7.2One in three consumers will switch brands for a freebie
13.8No strategy is absolutely perfect
13.8.1Some executives remain unsure of marketing's value
13.8.2Businesses still lack commitment to relationship marketing
14Brand Loyalty & Marketing
14.2Brand loyalty strategy
14.2.1Consumer trust is vital to brand loyalty
14.2.2How to keep customers close to the brand
14.2.3Brand positioning is a prerequisite for customer loyalty
14.2.4Factors that drive brand advocacy
14.2.5Consumers evaluate brand loyalty in human terms
14.3Brand loyalty insights
14.3.1The eight emotions that drive brand choices
14.3.2Bad e-behaviour creates 'brand blocker' consumers
14.3.3Wealthy consumers are willing to be brand advocates
14.3.4Women display brand loyalty less easily than men
14.4Brand marketing strategy
14.4.1The five acts of good brand marketing
14.4.2Branding is seen as the strongest link in marketing
14.4.3Could a well-placed blog replace brand marketing?
14.4.4Five ways to compete with a dominant brand
14.5Brand marketing insights
14.5.1Most consumer conversations are brand-oriented
14.5.2Customer criticism can actually drive brand advocacy
14.5.2Certain types of advert can shift brand loyalty
14.5.3The recession has left a long-term mark on brand loyalty
14.5.4Customers use social media to break up with brands
15Loyalty & Marketing Best Practice
15.2Customer loyalty best practices
15.2.1Customer loyalty is a phrase that's been hijacked
15.2.2Turn customer loyalty from a habit into a passion
15.2.3Avoid the risks of loyalty programme diversification
15.2.4Best practices for Merchant Funded Rewards schemes
15.2.5Eleven rules for effective customer retention
15.3Marketing best practices
15.3.1Marketing must stay in the here-and-now
15.3.2Ten strategies for more effective marketing
15.3.3Best practices for mobile marketing
15.3.4Strategies for Best Customer Management
15.3.5Make your marketing content work harder
15.3.6A useful primer for Rich Media Marketing
15.4Digital marketing best practices
15.4.1Web analytics must partner with interactive marketing
15.4.2The old SEO discipline needs a new identity
15.4.3Seven ways to engage email subscribers
15.4.4Best practices for multi-channel marketing
15.4.5Best practices for social media marketing
15.5Retail marketing best practices
15.5.1Five best practices for retail marketing
15.5.2Retailers must engage and involve their customers
15.5.3Out of stocks damage sales and customer retention
15.6The final word: Don't believe in loyalty myths
15.6.1In the beginning
15.6.2Know the value of each customer
15.6.3Shattering the myths 1: Increasing retention by 5% boosts profits by 25%-80% 2: Most firms' databases are adequate for building loyalty 3: Loyal customers grow a business by positive word of mouth 4: Loyalty programmes solve customer attrition problems 5: Higher levels of loyalty lead to higher market share 6: Satisfied employees create loyal customers
15.6.4The truth is rarely pure and never simple
15.6.5Three essential Loyalty Truths 1: Manage for selection first, then for retention 2: Focus on customers' share of wallet 3: Learn the specific response patterns
15.6.6Building a loyalty process
15.6.7Implementing the loyalty process
15.6.8Setting the record straight
15.6.9The pursuit of loyalty can be highly profitable
16New Trends & Future Forecasts
16.2Customer loyalty trends & forecasts
16.2.1Forecasts for the future of loyalty 2014 - 2018
16.2.2The past, present and future of loyalty
16.2.3Loyalty aggregation forecast 2014 - 2018
16.2.4Consumers are becoming more promiscuous
16.2.5Forecast for loyalty in the Middle East 2014 - 2016
16.3Customer Experience trends & forecasts
16.3.1Customer experience trends 2014-2018
16.3.2Online customer experience trends 2014-2018
16.4Retail trends & forecasts
16.4.1Tablet marketing becomes a new retail frontier
16.4.2The disruptive future of retail 2014 - 2016
16.4.3Trends in shopper characteristics 2014 - 2018
16.4.4The five key types of retail shopper
16.5Digital marketing trends & forecasts
16.5.1The 'internet of things' will come to the fore
16.5.2Digital media marketing trends 2014 - 2018
16.5.3Content marketing trends 2014 - 2018
16.5.4Internet trends for digital marketers 2014 - 2018
16.5.5Social begins to include customer service
16.6Mobile marketing trends & forecasts
16.6.1Mobile marketing predictions 2014 - 2018
16.6.2Consumer mobile and digital trends 2014 - 2018
16.6.3Mobile and social marketing trends 2014 - 2018
16.6.4Mobile marketing forecast 2014 - 2018
16.7Brand marketing trends & forecasts
16.7.1Brand marketing trends 2014 - 2018
17Sizing The Market For Loyalty
17.2Household/population data
17.3Loyalty market size estimation
17.3.1Factors involved in market size estimation
17.3.2Loyalty programme market size estimations
17.4Household income share analysis
17.5Consumer age analysis
17.6Consumer gender analysis
17.7Standard region groupings
18What The Loyalty Experts Say
18.1Introducing the experts
18.2Expert opinions and forecasts
18.2.1David Rosen, TIBCO Loyalty Lab
18.2.2Don Peppers, Peppers & Rogers Group
18.2.3Graeme McVie, LoyaltyOne
18.2.4Adrian Hado, Avios
18.2.6Phil Hawkins, Coles/FlyBuys
18.2.7Steve Schroeder, AmeriCardGold Stored Value Networks
18.2.8Chris Jacobs, Business Assyst
18.2.9Krishna Mehra, Capillary Technologies
18.2.10Sanjai Velayudhan, Cognizant Business Consulting
18.2.11Terry Vavra & Doug Pruden, Customer Experience Partners
18.2.12Mike Atkin, Customer Strategy Network
18.2.13Nag Ramasubramani, Direxions
18.2.14Jolande Duvenage, eBucks Rewards
18.2.15Linus Gregoriadis, Econsultancy
18.2.16Bill Hanifin, Hanifin Loyalty &
18.2.17Peter Wray, Loyalty Matters
18.2.18Jeffrey Berry, LoyaltyOne
18.2.19Brian Woolf, Retail Strategy Center
18.2.20Nick Chambers, Stampfeet
18.2.21David Lawrence, TCC
18.2.22Vanessa Armstrong, Collinson Latitude
18.2.23Guy Deslandes, Collinson Latitude
18.2.24The Global State of Loyalty according to ICLP state of loyalty in the US state of loyalty in the UK & Europe state of loyalty in Asia-Pacific state of loyalty in China state of loyalty in Australia and New Zealand state of loyalty in the Middle East state of loyalty in India
19Supermarket/Grocery Loyalty
19.2Supermarket & grocery loyalty
19.2.1Supermarket Case Studies: North America study: Big Y (Express Rewards) study: Giant Food & Martin's Food Markets (BonusCard) study: Kroger (Kroger Plus) study: Meijer (EDLP & mPerks) study: Price Chopper (AdvantEdge Card) study: Safeway US (Club Card) study: Safeway Canada (Safeway Club) study: Wal-Mart (EDLP)
19.2.2Supermarket Case Studies: Europe study: Asda (EDLP) EDLP instead of a loyalty initiative's customer retention strategy study: Co-op (Dividend Card) study: Sainsbury's (Nectar) study: Tesco (Clubcard) study: Dunnhumby (Tesco's loyalty data analyst) is Dunnhumby? evolution of the Tesco Clubcard - the value of customer insight & Dunnhumby: the partnership across borders Loyal Customer Mailing to better serve customers
19.2.3Supermarket Case Studies: Rest of World study: Coles/Wesfarmers, Australia (FlyBuys & discounts) study: Countdown, NZ (OneCard) study: Pick n Pay, South Africa (Smart Shopper)
19.3Other supermarket & grocery developments
19.3.1Carrefour's MyClub loyalty scheme (UAE)
19.3.2Morrisons' Fuel Saver loyalty scheme (UK)
19.3.3Swedish food retailer's digital loyalty scheme
19.3.4Thomas Dux's mobile grocery rewards (Australia)
19.3.5Raley's consumer advocacy community (USA)
19.3.6The return of Stop & Shop's A+ School Rewards
19.3.7Waitrose's family rewards with KidStart savings
20Retail & E-Retail Loyalty
20.2Retail loyalty insights
20.2.1Retailers must adapt to earn true customer loyalty
20.2.2Loyalty schemes are now a retail necessity
20.2.3Retailers are looking to loyalty schemes for growth
20.2.4New ways to drive customer retention
20.2.5Retail loyalty strategy urgently needs an overhaul
20.2.6Is customer loyalty dying, or simply misdefined?
20.3E-Retail loyalty insights
20.3.1E-retail needs better multi-channel insights
20.3.2Retailers are missing out on social commerce
20.3.3Online shopping habits vary by day of week
20.3.4Younger shoppers demand visual product searches
20.3.5Turning browsers into buyers, loyal customers and fans
20.4Retail loyalty case studies
20.4.1Case study: Best Buy, USA (My Best Buy)
20.4.2Case study: Boots (Advantage Card)
20.4.3Case study: Canadian Tire (Canadian Tire 'Money')
20.4.4Case study: CVS/Pharmacy (ExtraCare Rewards)
20.4.5Case study: eBay (eBay Bucks)
20.4.6Case study: Hbc, Canada (Hudson's Bay Rewards)
20.4.7Case study: Jet, South Africa (Jet Club)
20.4.8Case study: Neiman Marcus (InCircle)
20.4.9Case study: Nordstrom (Fashion Rewards)
20.4.10Case study: Rite Aid (Wellness+)
20.4.11Case study: Sears/Kmart (Shop Your Way Rewards)
20.4.12Case study: Staples (Staples Rewards)
20.5Retail loyalty developments
20.5.1Investment strategy for retail growth
20.5.2Dorothy Lane Market (USA)
20.5.3Edgars (South Africa)
20.5.4Bloomingdale's (USA)
20.5.5Toys'R'Us (global)
20.5.6Groupon (global)
20.5.7Walgreens (USA)
20.5.8Nine West (global)
20.5.9Target (Canada)
20.5.10Red Cross charity shops (UK)
20.5.11The North Face (USA)
20.6E-Retail loyalty developments
20.6.1Loblaw's digital loyalty programme uses loyalty scheme to fight Amazon
20.7Dealing with Showrooming
20.7.1Showrooming is the future of retail
20.7.2Combatting showrooming with the mobile channel
20.7.3Showroomers participate actively in loyalty schemes
20.7.4Brand ambassador employees can combat showrooming
20.7.5An illustration of the damage from showrooming
20.7.6Mobile showrooming is changing the retail experience
21Airline Loyalty
21.2Airline loyalty strategy
21.2.1A five-point plan to boost FFP engagement
21.2.2FFPs succeed when they exceed points-for-rewards
21.2.3FFPs still lack sufficient differentiation
21.2.4American & Canadians are most active in FFPs
21.2.5Five ways to drive frequent flyer redemptions
21.3Airline loyalty programmes
21.3.1Case study: Air France/KLM (Flying Blue)
21.3.2Case study: Air New Zealand (Airpoints)
21.3.3Case study: Alaska Airlines (Mileage Plan)
21.3.4Case study: American Airlines (AAdvantage)
21.3.5Case study: British Airways (Executive Club)
21.3.6Case study: Brussels Airlines (Miles & More)
21.3.7Case study: China Southern Airlines (Sky Pearl Club)
21.3.8Case study: Delta Air Lines (SkyMiles & Sky Miles Medallion)
21.3.9Case study: Emirates (Skywards)
21.3.10Case study: Etihad (Etihad Guest)
21.3.11Case study: Frontier (Early Returns)
21.3.12Case study: Jet Airways (JetPrivilege)
21.3.13Case study: JetBlue Airways (TrueBlue)
21.3.14Case study: Lufthansa (Miles & More)
21.3.15Case study: Malaysia Airlines (Enrich)
21.3.16Case study: Qatar Airways (Qmiles)
21.3.17Case study: South African Airways (Voyager)
21.3.18Case study: Southwest Airlines (Rapid Rewards)
21.3.19Case study: United Airlines & Continental (MileagePlus)
21.3.20Case study: US Airways (Dividend Miles)
21.3.21Case study: Virgin America (Elevate)
21.3.22Case study: Virgin Atlantic (Flying Club)
21.3.23Case study: Virgin Australia/Virgin Blue (Velocity Rewards)
21.4Airline alliances
21.4.1Case study: Star Alliance
21.4.2Case study: OneWorld Alliance
21.4.3Case study: Sky Team Alliance
22Hotel & Tourism Loyalty
22.2Hotel loyalty insights
22.2.1Factors driving hotel guest loyalty
22.2.2Factors driving repeat hotel bookings
22.2.3Search trumps customer loyalty on hospitality websites
22.2.4Major hotel groups vulnerable to brand disloyalty
22.3Hotel loyalty case studies
22.3.1Case study: Accor (Le Club Accorhotels)
22.3.2Case study: Best Western (Best Western Rewards)
22.3.3Case study: Carlson Hotels (Club Carlson)
22.3.4Case study: Choice Hotels (Choice Privileges)
22.3.5Case study: Hilton (Hilton HHonors)
22.3.6Case study: Hyatt (Gold Passport)
22.3.7Case study: IHG Rewards Club (was Priority Club Rewards)
22.3.8Case study: Marriott (Marriott Rewards)
22.3.9Case study: Ritz-Carlton (Ritz-Carlton Rewards)
22.3.10Case study: Starwood Hotels (Preferred Guest)
22.3.11Case study: Wyndham (Wyndham Rewards)
22.4Hotel alliance case studies
22.4.1Case study: GHA Discovery (global)
22.4.2Case study: sQuidcard (UK)
22.4.3Case study: Stash Hotel Rewards (USA)
22.4.4Case study: Voila Hotel Rewards (global)
22.5Travel & tourism loyalty insights
22.5.1Travel rewards are a ticket to customer loyalty
22.5.2How to differentiate a travel brand
22.5.3Factors driving hospitality customer engagement
22.5.4Factors driving frequent traveller engagement
22.6Travel & tourism loyalty developments
22.6.1P&O Cruises' Peninsular Club (cruises)
22.6.2Club Med (holidays)
22.6.3Dial An Exchange (timeshares)
22.6.4Hertz (car rentals)
22.6.5Avis (car rentals)
23Financial Services Loyalty
23.2Financial services loyalty insights
23.2.1Bundles are now essential to bank customer loyalty
23.2.2Mobile banking plays a key role in bank loyalty
23.2.3USA: bank customers are disloyal due to fees
23.2.4USA: consumers make use of credit card rewards
23.2.5Canada: bank customers will switch for more rewards
23.2.6UK: bank customers remain loyal despite troubles
23.2.7UK: a critical comparison of credit card rewards
23.2.8Social media improves cardholder engagement
23.2.9Retailer-branded credit cards reduce churn
23.2.10The future of financial services CRM
23.3Banks and lenders
23.3.1Case study: Bank of America (USA)
23.3.2Case study: Barclays Bank (UK)
23.3.3Case study: BMO (Canada)
23.3.4Case study: Chase (USA)
23.3.5Case study: Lloyds (UK)
23.3.6Case study: MBNA (Canada & Europe)
23.3.7Case study: RBC (Canada)
23.3.8Case study: Scotiabank (Canada/USA)
23.3.9Case study: TD Bank (US & Canada)
23.3.10Case study: US Bank (USA)
23.4Credit cards
23.4.1Case study: American Express (global)
23.4.2Case study: Barclaycard (global)
23.4.3Case study: Capital One (USA)
23.4.4Case study: Citi (global)
23.4.5Case study: Discover (USA)
23.4.6Case study: HSBC (global)
23.4.7Case study: MasterCard (global)
23.4.8Case study: Visa (global)
24B2B Loyalty Marketing
24.2Five strategies to build B2B loyalty
24.3The structure of B2B loyalty
24.3.1The two-link chain
24.3.2The three-link chain
24.3.3The four-link chain
24.3.4Targeting the SME owner-manager
24.3.5The purposes of B2B loyalty
24.4B2B loyalty programmes
24.4.1Case study: Nectar Business (UK)
24.4.2Case study: Argos for Business (UK)
24.4.3Case study: Nortel (India)
24.4.4Case study: ARBL (India)
24.5B2B loyalty strategy
24.5.1Why B2B can't compete with B2C experiences
24.5.2The B2B epiphany: People buy from People
24.5.4Four ways to develop channel partner loyalty
24.5.5Strategies for effective channel loyalty programmes
24.5.6Driving B2B channel partner performance
24.6B2B loyalty insights
24.6.1What defines a savvy B2B marketer?
24.6.2Technology vendors must review their channel programmes
24.6.3Where can B2B customer experiences go from here?
24.6.4Strategies for the evolution of channel partner loyalty
25Loyalty In Other Sectors
25.2Entertainments & leisure loyalty
25.2.1Case study: Caesars Entertainment (USA)
25.2.2Case study: Motor City Casino (USA)
25.2.3Case study: Hard Rock Rewards & Backstage Pass (USA)
25.2.4Other entertainments Games (online gaming rewards) Lloyd Leisure gyms (UK) Casino & Lodge (USA)
25.3Food & drink loyalty
25.3.1Restaurants study: Beefeater Grill Reward Club (UK) consumers would join a restaurant loyalty scheme loyalty schemes create advocacy loyalty scheme feeds the poor loyalty scheme takes best guests for a ride and Brio loyalty card programme's Canadian mobile loyalty scheme
25.3.2Food service Castle's social foodie loyalty scheme Zupas' VIP Rewards punchcards have become Pinkcards Mike's & SkyPop sign up 650,000 members Maddio's pizza loyalty scheme
25.3.3Groceries brands must engage consumers in-store
25.3.4Coffee houses study: Starbucks (USA)
25.3.5Technological developments turn into restaurant loyalty kiosks earn dining rewards with smartphones
25.4Fuel & automotive loyalty
25.4.1Case study: Shell (global) in the UK in the US in Canada
25.4.2Case study: BP (UK & USA) BP (UK) BP (USA)
25.4.3Case study: Fuel Rewards & FuelPerks! (USA) Rewards Network
25.4.4Case study: ExxonMobil (USA)
25.4.5Other fuel loyalty developments Oil's extra rewards for tenth birthday UK's Star Rewards loyalty platform updated allows exchange of loyalty currencies
25.4.6Automotive manufacturer loyalty UK's car buyer loyalty scheme Deere's GreenFleet Rewards scheme
25.5Telecoms loyalty
25.5.1Mobile network loyalty insights contract customer loyalty is low drivers of loyalty in the mobile market makes mobile network customers loyal? mobile customer loyalty is worryingly low mobile customer loyalty is also very fragile
25.5.2Mobile network loyalty developments reinvents Pay & Go to reward loyal customers's Small Biz Rewards revamped
25.6Energy companies
25.6.1Husky Energy's retail loyalty programme
25.6.2Encoa's customer referral rewards scheme
25.7Community loyalty
25.7.1Chicago suburb gets a local loyalty scheme rewards consumers for online reviews
25.7.3Dallas loyalty scheme gives prizes not points
25.7.4Hero$Card loyalty card helps local causes
25.8Educational loyalty's eWards student loyalty scheme
25.8.2Canadian students are driven by rewards and discounts
25.9Sports loyalty
25.9.1Sports Authority's 'The League' loyalty scheme
25.9.2Canlan Ice Sports & Hockey Canada's loyalty scheme
25.10Healthcare loyalty
25.10.1Loyalty programme to improve health of Canadians
25.11Delivery service loyalty
25.11.1A1 Express Delivery's loyalty scheme
25.11.2FedEx's rewards programme relaunched
25.12Transport loyalty
25.12.1RedSpottedHanky's mobile loyalty scheme
25.12.2Amtrak Rewards adds an Elite tier
25.13Home improvement loyalty
25.13.1DIY shoppers are not loyal for more expensive items
25.13.2BulbAmerica's enlightening loyalty scheme
25.14Real estate loyalty
25.14.1Dubai real estate offers Etihad Guest benefits
26Loyalty Business Directory
26.1.1Customer loyalty systems
26.1.2CRM/BI systems
26.1.3Customer experience management
26.1.4Call centres
26.1.5Developers & integrators
26.1.6Application hosting
26.1.7Loyalty scheme operators
26.1.8POS technology
26.1.9Data warehousing & data mining
26.1.10Coupons/gift certificates/incentives
26.1.11Internet marketing
26.1.12Direct marketing
26.1.13Research and analysis
26.1.14Public relations/media/events
26.1.15Industry associations

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