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The only complete guide to customer loyalty marketing,

including new ideas, best practices, do's and don'ts,

and proven strategies... backed up with case studies.

... and you get web-based tools & online updates,

all in a portable PDF document!


The Loyalty Guide 7 - Another goldmine of loyalty information


Announcing the world's most complete guide to
customer loyalty, engagement and profitability!

Published by The Wise Marketer, The Loyalty Guide 7 has been carefully researched, written from scratch, and put into a highly searchable, printable, portable, and flexible electronic PDF format. The Loyalty Guide 7 gives you all the latest facts and figures, research, new ideas, expert advice, market data, detailed case studies and know-how you need. Its 1400+ pages of unrivalled customer loyalty & marketing intelligence are portable enough to carry on your laptop, tablet and even on a smartphone.


The Loyalty Guide 7 is a must-have for you as a marketing professional, packed with up-to-date facts and figures, and details of how to set up, run, measure, and profit from the latest customer loyalty, relationship, social & digital marketing strategies.

  • Find out what works, and what doesn't.
  • Find out what do to next, and how to do it.
  • Find out what grows or slows bottom line profits.
  • Find out how loyalty leaders keep a competitive edge, and more...


This report walks you through all the know-how, best practices, practical advice, loyalty metrics, reporting, analysis, and bottom-line effects of customer loyalty, and provides guidance from loyalty thought-leaders in every major market. Find out the best ways to gather, analyse, and act on customer data to increase profitability, reduce churn, and increase customer frequency, spending, and share of wallet.


In practical terms, The Loyalty Guide 7 will show you:

  • The business case for customer loyalty, engagement, social, mobile, digital and best customer marketing initiatives
  • New research and thinking on loyalty marketing, branding, consumers, communications, and new approaches and strategies, best practices and cutting edge technologies
  • The pros and cons of coalition loyalty schemes with detailed case studies and breakdowns of the world's leaders, including Nectar, Air Miles, Avios, Aeroplan, PayBack, eBucks, Fly Buys, Malina and Maximiles, and many others
  • How to develop a strong loyalty strategy with solid financial justification, including how-to guides and walk-throughs for planning your programme structure, currency, rewards, communications, database, analytics and reporting - all illustrated with real-world examples and case studies
  • The psychology of loyalty and engagement: what make customers love you or leave you, and what makes them feel positive about brands and loyalty cards
  • How you can predict your loyalty scheme's size and value, short-term and long-term, plus ready-reckoning guides for market size and customer base estimation for over 50 countries and geographical regions
  • Over 180 detailed case studies of the world's leading loyalty programmes, including programme structure and strategy breakdowns, partners, currency earning-and-burning options, developments and membership counts, covering grocery, retail, airlines, hotels, tourism, banks & payment cards, fuel retailing, food & drink, entertainments, and many other sectors
  • How to collect, store, analyse and use your loyalty data - whether it's Big Data or small - to increase profitability, create a competitive advantage, and quickly improve no less than 20 key aspects of your business
  • How to plan the perfect rewards strategy for your target audience - one that drives real loyalty, engagement, advocacy, share of wallet, increases your loyalty programme's business value, and throws up impenetrable barriers to copy-cat competitors
  • The maths and metrics for customer loyalty, engagement, lifetime value, and profitability, including step-by-step formulae as well as a number of segmentation and loyalty models (including online versions!)
  • How social, mobile & local marketing work with customer loyalty to drive deeper engagement, better customer experiences, increase brand equity and reputation, reach new customers, spread word-of-mouth, and create brand advocates
  • Market trends & forecasts over several years that will shape customer loyalty, engagement, social marketing, mobile marketing, branding, digital marketing, direct marketing, word-of-mouth and more
  • The latest loyalty-based pricing techniques, including a points-based mechanism that's fair to everyone, builds customer engagement, and drives loyal behaviour even among low spenders
  • New tools and innovations to improve marketing effectiveness, campaign monitoring, and increase your marketing ROI
  • New best practices, market data, techniques and smart ideas to help you develop your customer loyalty and marketing strategies without breaking the bank
  • How to plan personalised messaging that's relevant, on-time, and on-target using e-mail, mobile, social media, the web, direct mail, kiosks, call centres and other channels
  • Techniques and innovative ideas for effective win-back, churn/defection pattern spotting, customer retention, advocate creation, generational and lifestyle marketing, and more
  • The key ideas, goals & attitudes behind successful loyalty schemes, how to avoid common traps and pitfalls, and how to keep customers engaged with fresh offerings, surprise and delight campaigns, and dozens of other new and emerging strategies
  • The 'Godfather of Loyalty', Brian Woolf, explains everything from why a loyalty scheme is needed and how to improve it, to increasing its profitability and how to add real value for both customers and your brand, and of course what's going to happen to loyalty during the next few years!


Apart from getting your own electronic copy of the report (which can also be printed out if you want), you'll have permanent access to a number of spreadsheet and web-based formulas and working models that you can use to model your own loyalty initiative and test its impact on your company's profitability and customer base - past, present or future.

Just look at the table of contents - there are dozens of tables, charts, diagrams and even web-based updates for a whole year after publication, providing a truly comprehensive global source of facts, figures, market sizing & valuation data, trends, forecasts, and materials for proposals, presentations, and project tenders. See how you'll personally benefit from the report... download the free Executive Summary, as well several free samples from the report itself.


If you're starting out in loyalty, The Loyalty Guide 7 explains the essential ideas and techniques behind successful loyalty initiatives, as well as how to plan, execute and future-proof your new loyalty strategy.

Or if you're a seasoned marketer, this report is your complete guide to the world of loyalty marketing, best practices, technologies, trends & forecasts, tricks and techniques, covering every major market worldwide.

You owe it to yourself to be well informed, and now you can own all the latest facts, figures, tips and tricks... and be the best-informed loyalty marketer you know... Grab your copy of The Loyalty Guide 7 today!

Best regards,

Mike Atkin

PS.   This an authoritative and wide-ranging report, with all of the facts, figures, and conclusions being based on face-to-face, online, and telephone discussions with renowned loyalty strategists, practitioners and researchers across the globe, and backed up by the authors' 40 combined years of experience in monitoring, advising and reporting on loyalty for blue-chip organisations. Order your copy of the report today and stake your claim to your customers, their loyalty, and a long-term competitive advantage. Order yours today.


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